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The landmarks in the history of the Company:


Lakis Michaelides, the owner of the Company, was very actively involved in windsurfing himself. He was already a successful judo sportsman while his passion for the water sports was not to neglect.


 The dream became a reality. He established his Company specialised in importing and supplying the local market with water sports equipment, initially: sailing, windsurfing, kayaks, water ski, jet ski, snow ski, wake boards and knee boards.


 A flourishing Company led him to the position of the bi and exclusive representative of water sports equipment. He decided to expand further dealing therefore with importing more equipment.


 It survived the harsh competition on the local market among the other importers of similar equipment and a new take over of two more companies strengthened further its position. It started dealing with high performance windsurfing equipment. It therefore took over two more importers and distributors:

1. Topsurf
2. Windsurfing
The new headquarters of the company and its show window earned it further prestige.
It became the representative for specialised equipment in water and snow ski as well as all the accessories. The company’s turnover was still on the levels until four years later.

 It started importing Jet Ski equipment becoming the market leader in Cyprus with a 70% share of the market. Since 1994 the Company imports renowned trademarks of Jet Ski, water ski, windsurfing, kite surfing, Kayaks, snow ski equipment as well as trailers and boats and what is required to be involved in amateur or professional water sports.

Force Eight: a sound Company with a promising future being to the service of those who accept the challenge and the extreme sports of the sea.